Quotes by David McKinley

The gospel has not been diminished in its power, but it is often suppressed in our fears.

Jesus died in the flesh to intercept and intersect the wayward hearts of men and women, and to allow each to be saved from the destruction of their own way.      

It’s not what we can do, but what He can do. It’s not what we have, but what we are willing to give. It’s not what we crave, but how He satisfies. It’s not what we think, but what He says.

God can do more in a moment then we can do in a lifetime of effort.

God is not too great to care. He cares too much to remain distant.       

Satan gives the best first and then makes it bitter. God saves the best last and makes it better.       

People live longing for a day when they will encounter someone or something that will lead them to a fuller, more meaningful life.

It’s not the strength of your faith, but the object of your faith that saves you.

Worship is my recognition of God’s glorious revelation of Himself and my response to His gracious initiative in my life.

Grace is God’s initiative of goodness and kindness toward us even when we were ignorant, defiant, and rebellious toward Him.

Cleansing is a dependent work, not a determined effort.

Guilt can and will lead to remorse, but grace can and often does lead to repentance.

Courage is not something God gives, but rather something He brings with the awareness of His nearness.


Life isn’t always good, but God is always good.

Through prayer we discover God’s delays are not His denials, but often His designs for maturity and intimacy with Him.

The greatest obstacle to God’s guidance in my life and yours is our own arrogance and obstinance.

Salvation is God’s pursuit of the lost.

God allowed us to travel a path we would not have chosen to experience blessings we could never have comprehended.

Pleasing God is the intentional pursuit of every authentic follower of Christ.

Faith professed in Christ that does not regard God’s standard of purity is simply hypocrisy.

Purity is not a virtue I can obtain, but a victory I can experience through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Your worth and your wealth are not tied to your paycheck.

Revival is nothing more than a new beginning of obedience to God.

The Bible is a trustworthy source of truth in a world shaped and built on fads, trends, and flavors.

Apart from God, we have no greater treasure as believers than the Holy Scriptures.

Our character and competence as believers have everything to do with the impact of the Word in our lives.

Today, nothing will come your way that has not been filtered by His grace, approved in His love, and provided for in His power. He is faithful.

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

‘Twas the fight before Christmas and all through the house,

We vented on Facebook, Twitter, and clicked on mouse.

The stockings fell down by children at play, and gifts needed wrapping before the big day.

The family will gather; we hope all goes well. But it’s likely we’ll fight—both tooth and nail.

Wants and expectations put us at odds. Why do we do this? We feel like clods.

Then I thought of the costs and debt coming our way. When January arrives, we’ll have to repay.

I’ve asked for this gizmo, but no one cares. All they want is what will be theirs!

Surely there’s more to all of this clatter. Isn’t there something to make Christmas matter?

I decided to turn in, overwhelmed by my fears. “Can I find a way to better copy next year?”

As I lay there, tossing and turning in bed, anxious thoughts were filling my head.

Christmas should be about peace and good will, not the talk about presents that lose their thrill.

Nothing from Christmas ever seems to stay. I want something more than a cluttered, noisy holiday.


Suddenly I remembered a story from Luke 2; something I heard Charle Brown say on YouTube.

Then I opened a Bible and started to read; I found what was missing, what we all need!

Christmas isn’t about something we get on that day, but One who gave His life that we might be saved.

Saved from emptiness, expectations and fighting. Save for a higher purpose God is now writing.

Jesus, God’s Son, came down from above. He’s the gift that expresses God’s mercy and love.

He didn’t come by chariot or riding in a sleigh. He was born in a stable; in a manger was laid.

Yes, the fight before Christmas will rage in us all till we come to the manger and on our knees fall.

His name is called “Jesus”—born to die on the cross, to redeem us from judgment by paying sin’s cost.

He rose in triumph, providing salvation full and free. This is the grand Christmas story everyone must see. 

So I in my bed, surrendered my fight. I called, “Lord Jesus, save me tonight!”

Are you ready to throw in the towel and give up your fight?