Could God be Stirring the Church by Stripping the Church?

[David McKinley: The Christian Post, May 23, 2020] “. . . changes and challenges have been multiplied in these days, and I find myself repeatedly rehearsing this question: Could God be stirring the church by stripping the church? . . . as I see events unfold, I wonder about the path of God’s hand and His plan in the adversity created by the coronavirus pandemic. Think about it . . .” [Read more]

How to Stay Focused in Days of Distraction

[David McKinley: The Christian Post, March 30, 2020] “The biggest impact of the coronavirus pandemic for those semi-sequestered in their homes is probably not the fear of contracting COVID-19, but the ever-present distraction of it.” [Read more]

8 Essentials of Digital Delivery

[David McKinley: The Christian Post, March 23, 2020] “. . . Given the sudden onset of digital preaching and empty chairs many are facing today, I thought it may be helpful to share a few tips.” [Read more]

BAPTISM SUNDAY: ‘Joyful celebration in the life of the church’

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, September 6, 2019] “The first time I had the privilege of baptizing someone, I was a young seminary grad serving on a church staff in Florida. Dave stood 6′ 4″ tall and weighed considerably more than my 5′ 11″ 160-pound frame.” [Read more]

LABOR DAY: On the Clock

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, August 31, 2018] “Every click of the second hand and flip of a digital display is a reminder we are on the clock and life is moving forward.” [Read more]

FATHER’S DAY: The Character Challenge

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, June 14, 2018] “What makes a good father? In one word, I believe it is character.” (Article includes four essential aspects of chracter.) [Read more]

MOTHER’S DAY: Faith of Our Mothers

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, May 10, 2018] “. . .The Scriptures are filled with the courageous examples of women of faith who trusted God and followed the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Examples provided: Jochebed, Hannah, Ruth, Mary, Eunice and Lois) [Read more]

FIRST PERSON: Welcome to the Masters

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, April 4, 2018] “There’s nothing like springtime here in Augusta! The vibrant appearance of variegated azaleas along with an explosion of blossoming trees and flowers make this city beautiful! Augusta is known as the Garden City, yet even the glory of the flowers is trumped each year with the return of the Masters Golf Tournament.” [Read more]

FIRST PERSON: Virtues Make the Best Valentines

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, February 13, 2018] “. . . When it comes to love, courtship and romance, everyone searches for the right assortment of ways to express value and affection. Yet I would propose that the best assortment is not found in a box of chocolates (Forest Gump: ‘You never know what you’re gonna get’), but in an array of ‘fruit’ that adds value and beauty to all who share.” [Read more]

Ala. vs. Ga.: Post-Season Play in a Postmodern Era

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, January 9, 2018] “Saban is now creating his own new era, having tied Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant’s legendary six championships—and by all evidence he is not ready to throw in the towel. In the heat of post-season play, Saban was willing to do what may be the most unconventional thing—risk the future of his career and the game on a young man who was talented and eager but had little game time or experience with the team. Rather than following the protocol of loyalty by staying with quarterback Jalen Hurts, Saban chose to throw the second half into the hands of freshman Tua Tagovailoa.” [Read more]

Micah: Recovering the Micah Mandate in the Mayhem of Our Modern World

[David McKinley: Message Transcript, Sunday, October 9, 2016] He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8 ESV). “Micah 6:8 is often known as the Micah Mandate. But how does this apply to us today? How should we see ourselves, our relationships, our role within society, and how does the New Testament reinforce its teaching to us today as followers of Jesus Christ?” [Read more]

FIRST PERSON: Essential discipleship

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, August 30, 2016] “… I often read and observe what seems to be a myopic view of discipleship that focuses exclusively on believers leading or bringing embryonic believers into greater maturity in Christ. In other words, discipleship is projected as being synonymous with spiritual development. No doubt the end result of effective discipling is a follower whose life bears ‘observational obedience’ (Matthew 28:20) to the commands of Christ. But may I suggest that if you are to follow the biblical model of discipleship, there are at least three essential and integral dimensions to consider?” [Read more]

Political Seasons & Pastoral Leadership

[David McKinley: Baptist Press, July 20, 2016] Pastor, where do you stand on …? Pastor, what should we as a church think or do about …? Pastor what do you think about this candidate’s comments …? “These are common questions every pastoral leader faces, but these questions take on fresh fervor and renewed vitality during an election season. Standing, speaking, leading, nurturing and guiding the ‘flock of God among you’ (1 Peter 5:2) while addressing the confused and conflicted culture around you (Romans 12:2) requires great discernment, fervent prayer and deep conviction.” [Read more]

Temporada política y liderazgo pastoral

[David McKinley: Baptist Press Espanol, July 20, 2016] Pastor, ¿cuál es su posición respecto a…? Pastor, ¿qué debemos como iglesia creer o hacer respecto a…? Pastor, ¿qué piensa usted de los comentarios de este candidato sobre…?Estas son preguntas comunes que cada líder pastoral enfrenta, sin embargo estas preguntas adquieren un fervor fresco y una vitalidad renovada durante la temporada de elecciones. Respaldar, hablar, dirigir, nutrir y guiar el ‘rebaño de Dios que está a su cargo’ (1 Pedro 5:2) al tiempo que aborda la confusa y conflictiva cultura a su alrededor (Romanos 12:2) requiere gran discernimiento, ferviente oración y profunda convicción.” [Read more]