The Life You Were Born to Give

David H. McKinley

“Everything we have, we have been given.” Once we realize the truth of this statement, we can look beyond just existing through life to “outsourcing” our lives for the glory of God. purchase

Based on the book of Romans:

Section 1: A Life Delivered (Romans 1-11)

Section 2: A Life Devoted (Romans 12:1-2)

Section 3: A Life Distributed (Romans 12-16)

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Nelson's Annual Preacher Sourcebook II

O.S. Hawkins, Editor

"The editors desire in this volume is to come to the aid of the busy pastor and help to provide resources for him as he prepares to 'divide the Word of truth' to and for his people. It is not intended to take the place of the labor of study... This sourcebook is here to lay alongside your own tools to enable you to take this information and filter it through your own personality and the windows of your own person illustrations to exalt the Savior, encourage the saints, and evangelize the sinners." -Dr. O.S. Hawkins, General Editor purchase

One Year Devotional Prayer Book II

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Begin and end each day focused on the presence of God. Whether starting out the day or winding down for the night, staying connected to the presence and work of God is the most important way to do both. The One Year Devotional Prayer Book - Volume 2 is a perfect resource for men and women alike for daily devotions and morning and evening prayer. After an introduction by Johnny Hunt (former Southern Baptist Convention president), each of the 52 contributing pastors and evangelists share a week’s worth of devotions and prayers, all tying to the seventeen topics of living the Christian life. purchase

Directions: Daily Devotions for Your Journey

By 27 Teaching Pastors

Everyday life is a journey with new roads and unexpected decisions to make. It's easy to get lost on this journey when you don't have the right directions. Far too many people start going through their day without a road map...then they're shocked where they end up. Directions was written to offer daily devotions for your journey--a daily time for looking at the road signs God has put before you...rather than simply being pulled down the road by the trafic around you. purchase

In Remembrance of Me: A Manual on Observing the Lord's Supper

Dr. Jim Henry

How should Christians celebrate the Lord's Supper? Under what circumstances? And how often? In this comprehensive study, Dr. Jim Henry explores the biblical basis for communion, outlines the details of the ceremony from start to finish, and helps restore the Lord's Supper to its rightful place of importance. A valuable manual for pastors and lay leaders! purchase

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